American Safari Cruise - March 2012 Family Sailings

September 14, 2010

The Hawaiian Islands - family playground at its best! American Safari Cruise will be offering 2 all-inclusive family sailings in March 2012.

Far from the typical family vacation getaway, a yacht cruise provides kids a fun way to learn about nature and other cultures. With one crewmember for every two guests, kids and adults alike are accompanied on a variety of personal-choice excursions while the yacht is at anchor. In a rare introduction to wilderness lifestyles, kids and the entire family will meet and interact with local residents of remote island communities.

An Inclusive Experience
Maybe you remember other cruises where you had to pay extra for tours and your drinks at the ship’s bar. Not with American Safari Cruises! With the exception of a gratuity for the crew - which they believe is a very personal elective - everything is included with the cruise. From your arrival at the airport to a fond farewell, you’re a pampered guest aboard the yachts. Everything’s included from the first to the last:
• Gourmet meals
• Premium wine, beer and spirits
• Kayaking and shore boat exploring
• Snorkel gear
• Exclusive shore excursions
• Onboard Expedition Leader/Naturalist or wine expert
• Airport transfers
• Port Charges, taxes, fees
• Visits with local residents - “talk story”
Dining is a true delight, a cornucopia of fresh local seafood, just-baked breads, hearty soups, exquisite entrees, sinfully delicious desserts. Everyone is served at one seating, family-style; dress is always casual. Of course, we’re happy to plan for any special dietary needs, and if there’s something you’ve got a craving for, let us know. Milestone events are celebrated in great style onboard.

Activities abound for all ages:
The opportunities are endless. Whether your family wants to kayak, walk on a remote beach, collect shells to study, hike in the temperate rain forest, or enjoy a full-scale picnic, you’ll find that our explorations are a blast! You’ll hop from shore-to-shore by shore boat, then there’s fishing and kayaking as well as checking in on the musical antics under the sea via the underwater Hydrophone and underwater camera. All of these activities offer an exceptional experience for the whole family.  GUARANTEE IT…NO ONE WILL BE BORED!

Memories to Share:
At the end of a week of up-close adventure, the crew will present each family member with a photo disc of several hundred images to share and reminisce for years to come. Each child under 12 will receive other mementos of their various explorations.

Questions We Often Hear:
My kids are so active. Are they going to go stir crazy on a boat for a week?
On the contrary, kids kayak, hike, fish from the swim platform, with the help of the Expedition Leader/Naturalist and learn about nature from all of the crewmembers. They will be playing on rope swings, tubing, water skiing, snorkeling, beachcombing, cave searches, and other adventures await kids and adults alike.

Kids enjoy the hot tubs, games, kid-friendly DVDs and books available onboard. With so many varied activities at their fingertips, kids tend to forget that Nintendo even exists.

I’m worried about my kids disrupting the cruise for others. Will my kids be bored?
To ensure that everyone enjoys their yacht experience, we generally set aside special departures under our “Kids in Nature” program for families with kids under the age of 12. Educational and fun activities aided by take-home equipment provided by the Expedition Leaders keep the kids happy and busy. Bored - no; exhausted at the end of each day from kayaking, swimming and hiking - yes! Parents truly appreciate the all-out effort to ensure their kids come away with a well-rounded outdoor vacation. The other way that young kids are accommodated on our 12 - 36 guest yachts is when families charter the entire yacht.

What is the youngest age child that you can accommodate?
There is no age restriction. Families with kids between infancy and about five-years-old most often choose to book a private charter or take advantage of one of our “Kids in Nature” select departures. Life jackets are provided onboard for kids age five years and above (about 70 pounds and up). For younger children, it works best for parents to bring a custom-sized life jacket from home.

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Fiji Travel - About The Fiji Islands

April 20, 2010

horseback riding at Turtle IslandFiji, blessed with 333 magnificent islands, some inhabited, most not. It is a land where there is still room to move. Set in the tropical South Pacific, Fiji is surely the essence of a tropical island paradise. White sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways and a range of things to do and see that will appeal to the most discerning traveler.

Situated south of the equator, this tropical paradise is easily accessible from Los Angeles, Hawaii, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Tokyo.

Revel in the 5-star resorts, stroll on glimmering white beaches hand-in-hand at sunset, snorkel, dive, surf or kayak our pristine oceans, whitewater raft our clear and clean waterways, cruise the ocean around our mainland and outer islands, trek our rainforests, backpack the outer islands, visit the welcoming villages and experience sustainable living or immerse yourself in our unique island culture and history.

And then there’s our most precious asset - smiling, generous, relaxed Fijians who greet you and everyone they meet with our famous and welcoming ‘Bula!!’fiji staff

Fiji Entry Requirements
No shots are necessary to go to Fiji. All visitors to Fiji require a passport. Entry visas are granted on arrival for a stay of four months for nationals of Australia, the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. (Please check with your nearest Fijian Embassy for other countries’ entry requirements. Visas may be extended for up to six months; please contact the Embassy for details. People who wish to work or reside in Fiji must obtain the appropriate visa prior to arrival in Fiji.

The electricity in Fiji is 240 volt 50 Hz AC (alternating current). The plug is a 3-prong plug, just like those used in Australia and New Zealand. The resorts usually offer a converter that guests may use, but in high occupancy time periods, it is best to have your own converter with you for cameras or laptops. Converters are available at many department stores in the travel & luggage section.

Fiji Weather Information
Fiji enjoys a tropical climate year-round. You can expect warm temperatures: 75 to 90 degrees with humidity during the day, and 70 to 78 at night. Most resorts are located in areas on the islands where the bures receive cool breezes for most of the year. Fiji is located in the tropics, so there is always the possibility of a rain shower, but normally these showers will last a short while and then move on. Because Fiji is so close to the equator, there is little variation in the seasons, although the “summer” months of December through March are known to have a little more rain and humidity.

Island attire
Life is very casual & laid back in Fiji so pack your bags for fun and sun. Shorts, cotton shirts, sundresses, and bathing suits are all appropriate. Don’t forget sunglasses, a hat and perhaps a cover-up, since Fiji’s sun can be fierce. Some excursions are best tackled in sandals or sports style footwear. Even in our winter (U.S. summer), the climate is tropical, but it’s wise to bring a sweater for the evenings, just in case.

What Else to Bring
You also may want to bring: a camera with extra film, sunblock/sunscreen, a Walkman/personal CD player, reef-walkers or other comfortable shoes for walking along the coral sand beach, spare glasses or contact lenses.fiji friends

Contact the Travel Gal

Your Friend in the Islands

800 644-6659 or

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