The trip you planned to Tahiti was fantastic!

April 21, 2016

My Guests just returned from an amazing trip we planned to Tahiti - here is their lovely letter:

We wanted to give you a summary of our Tahiti trip.  In a word, just fabulous.  We have never taken such a purely luxury, relaxing type of vacation in the past and it was an absolute delight.

The island of Tahiti: The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort in Papeete, despite being fabulous was the weakest of the three resorts we visited.  Gorgeous view, great room but the only real problem was that the food was not particularly good and actually the most expensive of the three places that we stayed.  We actually ate canned fruit from the buffet table.  Once we started eating from the ala carte menu, it got much better.  The 4 x 4 Mountain Safari trip into the interior of the island was a great trip, the guide was very interested in telling us about life in Tahiti and I would recommend the excursion to anyone who wants off the beaten path.

Moorea was beautiful and I’m glad we chose it as one of our islands.  The Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort was outstanding and the water was sufficiently shallow that we were able to snorkel off the beach.  There were actually several small outcroppings of coral with many many colorful fish about thirty feet from the shore.  Debby is not a good swimmer but she loves to snorkel and we spent hours just snorkeling around the beach.

We again came to realize how we don’t like French food or the French style of cooking very much and although better, the more elaborate meals at the resort were of much less appeal to us then the simple dishes served from the a la carte menu.  We liked the Polynesian food the best and it was not always easy to get.  The trip around the island was excellent and we used the opportunity to buy some black pearls.

Bora Bora - I didn’t think anyplace could be more pretty than Hawaii but it certainly was.  The Bora Bora Pearl Resort was an outstanding resort and once we got away from the French food at the main restaurant, everything was delicious.  The end of pontoon premium overwater bungalow was amazing with our perfect view of Mt. Otumanu.  Again, the water was just a few feet deep and perfect for snorkeling and we spent much of our free time just swimming around and under the bungalows at the various pieces of coral.  The resort has actually created a coral garden and a coral nursery and this was a major attraction for everyone at the resort.  It was perfect for those not really comfortable with swimming and an ideal place to learn how to snorkel.

We had one adventure that was apparently disturbing for the staff at the resort.  We took the island tour and the guide (a native Tahitian) took a liking to us and invited us to his house for “real Polynesian food”.  Now this is something we would never do at home but we said yes and came back to the pier just at dark and he met us in his private car and took us to his home a few miles away.  We met his wife and 8 year old daughter and sat out on the porch and had dinner.  We had a tuna ceviche, some type of a beef dish and breadfruit which he cooked and peeled in front of us. Delicious.  We talked about various things Tahitian and he gave us the local perspective on tourism, the French, the Americans, the native economy, etc and it was all very interesting and exactly the type of experience we like to have when we travel to different countries.  The other people at the resort were absolutely astounded that we would have done such a thing but it was great.

Probably our favorite experience on the trip was the shark and manta ray feeding trip.  I thought this would be somewhat hokey but it was great fun.  Swimming with the sharks was a novel experience and even Debby with her limited swimming abilities had a great time.  I was actually able to dive down and bat one of the lemon sharks on the tail.  The mantas were like puppies in the way that they crowded around us, swimming over our shoulders in order to get to the food.  We laid out the money for the video of the trip and its been the most popular picture of any trip that we have ever brought home.  And we would recommend that anyone who goes to Bora Bora take the opportunity to eat at “Bloody Marys“, a superb place to get the fresh seafood that we were looking for and it was very reasonably priced.

I could gush further but suffice it to say that it was a fantastic trip and just the type of relaxation that we needed at this busy time in our lives.  Thanks for planning a wonderful trip for us
Ken and Debby R. - 2016

If you too would like to enjoy the South Pacific Islands of Tahiti - contact me,

the Travel Gal at 800-644-6659 today!

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Tahiti Travel Tips - Tahitian Black Pearls

August 11, 2014

I have a couple leaving shortly for their romantic 30th anniversary to Bora Bora, staying in an overwater bungalow at the world famous Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa.
If you too are thinking of visiting the islands, here are a few answers to some questions for you:

Here are answers to your questions:

1.  What is the voltage I.E. do we need a converter for camera in ou room?

Answer: Concierge desk provides the converters for you.

2.  How much alcohol can we bring into the country?

Answer: 4 liters alcoholic beverages (whisky, cognac, rhum, Vodka etc) AND

4 liters wine or champagne or vermouth

BUT…beware they have also changed the amount charged for over weight limits on the inter-island flights. So make sure that liquor doesn’t put you over weight…or…the savings in alcohol will be eaten up by over weight charges.

Pack light!!! Bring the booze…leave the clothes at home! :-)

3. Suggestion for reasonable black pearl shopping?

The Farm
Has top quality Tahiti pearls. Some of the jewelry is made in-house. It’s located just north of the Hotel Bora Bora. tel. 700 675

Matira Pearls
Has black pearls and island fashions. Located between the Intercontinental Le Moana Resort and Hotel Le Maitai Polynesia. tel.677 914

By the way, our Concierge Service is able to answer just about any request.  I have another couple flying to the Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort and they want 20 Monte Cristo Cuban Cigars to be waiting of them upon arrival - we were able to deliver!

Contact me with your Tahiti travel requests at 800-644-6659 or email

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Our Namale Resort Honeymoon was Amazing!

May 21, 2014

Thank you for helping me plan my honeymoon to Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji!  It was the best time ever at this little luxury hideaway. Your service was great to us and everything was so smooth that I have referred one of my childhood friends to you to help with there honeymoon.  They are looking at Bora Bora. I wanted to know what’s the best way for them to get a hold of you? Let me know and I will get the info to them and I will give them yours.
Thank you again
Ryan B. 2014

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The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa - Great Values/Fabulous Resort!

February 4, 2013

Aloha and Ia Orana!

Are you considering celebrating a romantic getaway in the South Pacific?  I suggest escaping to the island paradise Bora Bora, located in French Polynesia! The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa is offering amazing deals - inclusive of breakfast & dinner daily!  This is a huge savings as you want to make sure most of your meals are pre purchased!

Travel Gal Promotion: Guests who stay 6 nights or longer at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui & Spa will receive 2 nights for free.

Restrictions: A 6-night minimum stay is required. Valid for new bookings only. Combinable with Honeymoon Offer only.
Booking window: Dec 26, 2012 to May 10, 2013
Travel window: Jan 15, 2013 to Jun 9, 2013 (must depart by Jun 9, 2013)

Note: If you are traveling after June, contact me for the lastest and greatest promotions as we are already working with Clients planning their trips in October 2013!

Here is some information on dining at Bloody Marys as well as shark feeding 4 x 4 jeep safari tour, jet ski and helicopter tours - call me at 800 644-6659 for more details -
Your friend in the islands,

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Paul Gauguin is offering 50% off cruising Tahiti plus free Airfare from LAX for 2013!

November 20, 2012

There is no need to go to the shopping mall!  Traveling to the warm and balmy South Seas is more inviting then a new sweater or snow shovel!  Just mentioning the exotic islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine or Taha’a will warm a persons soul - so grab your flip flops and lets plan your romantic Christmas present for just you and your honey on this all inclusive 300 passenger ship today!

m/s Paul Gauguin is offering 50% off standard cruise fares plus included roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles! An incredible savings on all of their Tahiti and French Polynesia cruises.

There are several itineraries from which to choose.  There is a 7 night cruise around the islands of Tahiti, but there are also 10 night cruises visiting the Society Islands & Tuamotus or 11 night cruises visiting the  Cook Islands & Society Islands as well as 11 night cruises around the Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands so you can see the options are endless!

The m/s Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the shallow seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia, visiting small ports that larger ships can’t reach and effortlessly blending into the stunning natural beauty of the South Seas.

Life onboard the Gauguin is grand!  You will be traveling aboard a 5 star floating resort where the dining is exquisite and the drinks are flowing.

Enjoy the swim step off the back of the ship, where you can launch your kayak for 2 or try snorkeling.  There is so much to do - there are only 300 lucky passengers that get to explore the South Pacific each week so they do sell out, plan ahead, lets wrap up a brochure in a pareo for you to place under the tree for a memorable holiday!

Call me today - the Travel Gal at 800 644-6659 or email for more details.

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Canoe Paddling Olympic Style in Tahiti!

November 9, 2012

The 21st Hawaiki Nui Va’a (or canoe paddle race) is currently underway - it is an intense, three-day outrigger canoe race from Huahine to Raiatea, Raiatea to Taha’a, and finally Taha’a to Bora Bora. To find out more about the history of the Hawaiki Nui Va’a click here,

Last year I was in Tahiti at this time - explored the islands and sought out a pathway for a great adventure - following the path of the race.  This is an international event, paddlers arrive from around the world.  If you’re interested you definitely need to plan a year in advance, I’m experiencing the adventure next year! Bring it on!

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Order a coffee & chocolate croussant aboard the Aremiti Ferry

November 3, 2012

When I visited the islands of Tahiti my favorite mode of travel was the Aremiti Ferry between the main island of Tahiti and Moorea.

It was a real treat to board the ferry, stop at the coffee bar for a fresh chocolate croussant and strong cup of coffee before climbing the steps to the top deck to bask in the sun for our 30 minute ride to Moorea.

This was not a “Tourist boat”, this is their main form of transportation! We were joined by school children and Mothers shopping at the Market as well as a few Tourists.

Travel to the island of Bora Bora as well as the outer islands is a short airplane ride aboard the domestic airline, Air Tahiti.  It is located at Tahiti Faa’a Airport and is also a laid back and enjoyable experience.  No TSA lines of course!

As the major inter-island airline, Air Tahiti serves 40 islands, including Moorea, with newer, twin-engine, jet-prop aircraft. Flights to the neighboring islands depart from Tahiti Faa’a Airport with frequent daily service between the most visited islands. This is the same airport where the international flights arrive in Papeete (PPT).

When I assist Clients with a trip to Tahiti, I suggest they visit 2 or 3 islands, depending on the length of their vacation.  We organize the Ferry boat and any other inter island transportation needed prior to departing the U.S.

Contact me, the Travel Gal at 800 644-6659 or email

to assist with your French Polynesian adventure!

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Traveling to Tahiti? Here is a 2nd guide on the language

October 31, 2012

Give yourself a reward for learning some of the language - here is a massage at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa on the island of Bora Bora, French Polynesia!

Lesson 2 is about to begin - but here is a refresher course on the Tahitian alphabet:

The Tahitian alphabet contains only thirteen letters.

Tahitian Vowels: a as incar, e as in may, i as in machine, o as in cold, and u as in salute.

Tahitian Consonants: f,h,m,n,p,r,t,v pronounced as in English with the exceptions of theh pronounced sh when preceded by i or followed by o and the r sometimes having a trill sound.

doctor - taote
police - muto’i

man - tane

woman - vahine
child - tamarii

yes - e, oi

house - fare

no - aita

small - iti
big, large - nui

islet in the lagoon - motu
ancient temple - marae
traditional quilts - tifaifai
traditional dance - tamurei
fenua - land
flower - tiare
ocean - moana
sun - mahana
moon - avae
star - fetia
earth oven - himaa
feast - tamaaraa

morning - poipoi
evening - ahiahi

For more information on the islands of Tahiti - call me, Teresa your Travel Gal at 800 644-6659 or email

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Cruising options in the South Pacific

September 10, 2012

Ia Orana!

Lets plan a romantic adventure to the Islands of Tahiti - are you pondering the shores of Bora Bora, Moorea, Tikihau, exploring Hauahine, Tahaa & Riataea.…how about cruising the Marquesas Islands?  Sailing is a great way to see the islands of French Polynesia. Here are some options for you - but you need to act fast these ships are small - which is exactly the way you want to experience these tropical islands of the South Pacific...

Tahiti Yacht Charter
- this is a private catamaran with just you, the skipper/cook.  They can do 3-7 night sailings out in Raiatea, Taha’a, Huahine & Bora Bora.

Paul Gauguin Cruises - This is the only boutique 5 star luxury cruise line sailing through the Society Islands, usually they have 7 night itineraries and some 10-11 nights.   They cruise with a maximum of 311 passengers - really more of a very upscale yachting experience.

Dream Yacht Charter (formerly Archipels) -These are 4 cabin catamarans with up to 3 other couples and the skipper/cook with a variety of itineraries in the Society Islands and Tuamotu Islands.

Aranui III - This is a 13 night sailing aboard a working freighter which will take passengers up to the Marquesas Islands.  There are a few cabins on board for guests.

NOTE: I priced the Aranui 3 in a stateroom cabin with private bathroom, including airfare from LAX, transfers on a 13 night cruise beginning the first week of April 2013, the price for 2 is $10,383.00 just to give us a ballpark.

Contact the TravelGal at 800 644-6659 or email for more ideas and options.

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m/s Paul Gauguin 7 Night Itinerary Around French Polynesia

April 27, 2012

The small, luxury cruise ship m/s Paul Gauguin offers 7 night cruises around the islands of Tahiti. Below is a sample itinerary. One of the benefits of cruising is that when you spend 1 day on an island, you will know if you’ll want to come back for a week.

Day 1: Embark m/s Paul Gauguin in Papeete, Tahiti - mid afternoon - set sail in the evening

Begin your journey to a paradise in the capital of Tahiti, the largest and most populated of the French Polynesian islands. Here you’ll embark Paul Gauguin. This luxurious yet casual, ultra-deluxe vessel will be your home for the next week. With an endless choice of things to do, from relaxing poolside with a book to playing the slots in the casino, you will never be bored.

Day 2: Raiatea 11:00am - 6:00pm

You will have the day to explore the island that was once the cultural, religious, royal and political heart of Polynesia, and, according to legend, and lore, as well as Tahiti’s most significant archeological sites.

Day 3: Taha’a (Motu Mahana) 9:00am - 5:00pm

Motu Mahana, an islet adjacent to Taha’a, is our very own South Seas paradise featuring white sand beaches with swaying palms, crystal-clear waters and gentle breezes. As an exclusive Paul Gauguin event, guests will spend a full day exploring this idyllic, isolated island, and relaxing with a delicious barbecue lunch and Polynesian entertainment featuring strolling musicians and singers.

Day 4: Bora Bora 8:00am overnight

Immediately recognizable by the basalt tombstone of Mount Otemanu rising from the ocean, this half-atoll, half-mountain is surrounded by a spectacular lagoon and a series of smaller islands. Ancient Polynesians called it Parapora, or “firstborn,” because they thought it was the first island created after Raiatea.

Day 5: Bora Bora Depart 5:00pm

Explore more of this magical isle on your own or on a choice of optional shore excursions. Choose from several, like a jitney tour on “Le Truck,” or a 4-wheel-drive safari, or a glass-bottom boat ride. We will set sail before dinner, enjoying a relaxing evening on board.

Day 6: Moorea 8:00am - overnight

Covered in an abundance of fresh fruits and flowers, spectacular mountain peaks, peaceful multi-hued lagoons and palm-fringed beaches - Moorea’s awesome beauty is unsurpassed. During your visit, you might wish to shop for local crafts, embark on a dolphin-watching expedition with a marine biologist and witness these fascinating animals in their amazing natural habitat, or try out some of the local pineapples - said to be the most delicious in all of French Polynesia. An overnight here affords us two full days on Bora Bora’s gorgeous sister island.

Day 7: Moorea depart 7:30pm

Explore more of this peaceful oasis. Perhaps you will choose to trek on the “Trails of the Ancients” or snorkel one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons. At the end of the afternoon, we cruise to our home port in Papeete, docking for the night.

Day 8: Disembark Papeete 8:00am - Maururu - thank you for visiting these beautiful islands!

Life aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin:

Watersports Marina - Watersports are a highlight of the Paul Gauguin Cruises’ experience. The ships’ small size allow for them to navigate in shallow lagoons and narrow channels where larger ships may not sail. On the m/s Paul Gauguin,with the specially designed retractable watersports platform, guests may descend to sea level where they can conveniently hop aboard a windsurfer, launch a kayak, or set out for a SCUBA diving expedition. A SCUBA certification program is offered on The Gauguin.

Ambassadors of the Environment Youth Program: Explorer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau is committed to the belief that the survival of the world’s oceans depends on capturing the imagination at a young age. In order to ensure that conservation remains a priority among future generations, he created the Ambassadors of the Environment Youth Program under the auspices of the Ocean Futures Society.

Some of the benefits and features of this luxury cruise:

  • Spacious, all-oceanview suites and staterooms
  • Complimentary beverages incl. select wines
  • All onboard gratuities included
  • Complimentary select spirits & soft drinks
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Refrigerator replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water
  • Watersports Marina
  • Cousteau Ambassadors of the Environment Youth Program
For more information, special pricing and upgrades contact the Travel Gal
at 800 644-6659 or email

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