Fiji Island Weddings - Just bring the Groom and a Dress!

May 28, 2012

Are you looking to run away with your true love and be married barefoot on the sand, just the two of you at sunset in an exotic location or private island?  Fiji has long been a favorite destination for weddings, honeymooners or the re-affirming of vows.

*** Weddings in Fiji are recognized as legal worldwide ***

It’s very simple and cost effective to arrange a wedding in Fiji, and we can do all the legwork for you. We work with the resorts in offering assistance with a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including all legal requirements in advance.  We are able to customize your wedding so it will be your perfect day!

You will need to bring with you:

The couple must provide the following personal documents to the registrar for verification purposes at least two weeks before the wedding.

1.    Original Birth Certificate

2.    Valid Passports

3.    Divorce Papers, if applicable

4.    Death certificate if previous spouse is deceased.
A certificate of Single Status or certificate of no Legal Impediment must be produced ONLY IF:

1.    Marriage between a Fiji citizen and a foreign citizen.

2.    Marriage by former citizens of Fiji

3.    Marriage between foreign citizens residing in Fiji

5.    Marriage licenses can also be obtained from disctrict offices in main towns;

6.    Registration offices are open between 9.00am and 3.00pm Monday through Friday. Registration formalities take about 20 minutes and should be completed at least 36 hours prior to the wedding date.

7.    The fee is approximately FJD$20.00 and the license is valid for 21 days.

8.    All ministers in Fiji belong to a certain church there are no nondenominational ministers. For Catholic weddings the requirements include a letter of Freedom sent well in advance, approximately 2-3 months out, to the Fijian Priest along with the Baptism Certificate. Your normal pre-wedding studies must be completed with a letter from your priest.

Marriage Fees

The current marriage fees are shown here below in Fijian currency. Payment should be made in cash or postal money order made payable to the Registrar General.

Application for special license F$20.25

Marriage officiated in the Registry (including normal standard marriage certificate) F$22.50

Marriage officiated by the Registrar or District Registrar after official working hours F$30.68

Working hours are from 8.00am to 3.00pm Mondays to Friday and closed on weekends and public holidays.

Traditional Fijian design Marriage certificate F$15.34

Standard Certificate F$5.63

(Inclusive of Fiji Government taxes and subject to change. Rates are valid as at 1st January 2010)

* Please note some of these fees and costs above may already included in the wedding package you select.

Legal Age

The Legal age of consent to marry is 18 years for both male and female.

Marriage Officers both religious and civil marriage celebrant are available. Arrangements may be undertaken for couples to bring their own celebrant to participate in the vows and the blessing of the ring but the local celebrant will solemnize the marriage and sign the marriage certificate.

All registered marriage certificate will be forwarded to the Foreign Affairs office to obtain an Apostille seal to authenticate that the marriage is legal and be recognized in foreign countries.

Travel Gal Note: I have been assisting couples in planning their weddings in Fiji since 1999, contact me at 800 644-6659 or email

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Tui Tai Adventure Cruise & Dive Boat

April 22, 2012

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How does the Tui Tai define adventure? [Read more]

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