Fiji is exactly what a honeymoon should be!

March 13, 2014

Fiji is part of Heaven on earth. It was amazing. We had a blast, and we still lay in bed and talk about it to this day.

So, my favorite part of the trip was probably the cave snorkeling. Honestly, everything we did on the trip was awesome to me. Heather enjoyed herself very much as well. The only thing was she about passed out a few nights due to the high humidity and no air ;) other than that she loved it, ha!! She actually got a little dehydrated, but we managed and laughed it off.

I’m pretty sure her favorite part was snorkeling. She can swim like a fish. I’m more of an anchor type swimmer/snorkeler. I sink a lot. So, I had to keep her close to my side for my benefit, lol.
Navutu Stars Resort was incredible! The owners, the staff, the food. I honestly do not have one complaint about anything. Just a little side note, I’m paid to find problems in real life, and I seriously could not find one on our honeymoon. It was very very relaxing, smooth, and incredible. Exactly what a honeymoon should be!!

You were incredible!! I can’t say enough how awesome of a job you did. I am a very deliberative person, and I was leery to a point because I didn’t not have my hands in any of the scheduling/planning of the trip. So, I might have been on edge a few times until we got to the resort. I was very impressed with your service! So, thank you for all you did.

In closing, we definitely will be heading back to Fiji in the future. We met some friends from Seattle Washington while we were there who we have kept in contact with, too. We are probably going to visit them soon. I’ve enclosed some pics of our trip and wedding. I hope you enjoy them. Please stay in touch. Heather and I’s traveling journeys have just began.
Your friends from Alabama,
Josh and Heather!

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