Tipping & Gift suggestions when visiting the Fiji Islands

February 16, 2014

Tipping & Gifts to Fijians: Quite often my Clients ask me about tipping or if they should bring a gift for the Staff or Village Children.  Customary tip can range from $100 - $1,000.00 USD or 10% of your stay - its up to your discretion.  You will absolutely fall in love w/the Fijians.

Note: If you want to pack something special for the children when you visit a village, they love pencils (colored or plain) and notebook paper  (for 50 kids) that would be amazing.

Also they love folded up maps of the world (just 5 or 10) as they are hungry for knowledge. They like to see where you come from and how far away it is from their village - great conversation peice!

If you forget to bring something and decide to do so upon your arrival in Fiji, if you are on an island with a small general store, you can pick up a bag of “lollies” hard candy for approximately $6.00USD.  The Women and children of the village consider them a real treat!

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Our Maui Vacation was just Wonderful!

February 12, 2014

Hi Teresa,

Finally a very belated thank you for our great stay in Hawaii, especially Maui and our lunch in the Lahaina Yacht Club.  I sense it’s a real local haven in a busy little town.

Teresa, Maui is just wonderful! The weather in winter is possible better than ours mid-summer and we managed to do lots including getting to Mamas Fishhouse for a decadent lunch.  It was a little much needed ‘down time’ before we met with our son and his family for a much busier time in Waikiki.

We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and that 2014 will be a great year for you.

Thanks again
Maurice & Anne S.

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Viwa Island Resort - Relaxing & Peaceful!

February 12, 2014

Hi Teresa,

So sorry about the response being so late seems there just isn’t enough time in the days any more.  The trip was just wonderful! The flight was a little long but well worth it. Viwa Island Resort was just as you said it would be! Just totally relaxing and peaceful! The resort was just fantastic,and the staff was the best - so friendly and dedicated, the fact that the resort is restricted (number of people) makes it ever so friendly. We met a couple from New Zealand on the boat ride over and spent the week hanging out with them it really made the trip as we hit it off right away!

By the way, the conservation came up a few time with different couples staying there and you provided the best package by Far!! We gave your name to a few guests. Thanks for everything!  Hope to use you again (Hawaii next).    p.s. Do you do anything in the Bahamas?

Thanks again. Greg & Karen S. 2014

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