How to Plan Your Trip to the Fiji Islands

December 22, 2013

Are you thinking of traveling to an exotic and remote South Pacific luxury hideaway?  Lets begin, here are some questions to consider:

1.  Is this trip for a honeymoon, anniversary or special romantic vacation or is it for a family holiday?

2.  How long do you want to be in Fiji?

3.  Are you looking for a white sand beach or tropical rainforest?

4.  What is your travel budget and are you including meals, transfers and airfare in your budget?

5.  Do you need help with airfare?6.  Do you want to scuba dive or horseback ride on the beach?

7.  Is fishing or kayaking a hobby for you?

8.  Do you want a private spa tub or outdoor shower in your bure?

Generally Clients spend 7 nights in Fiji and when you fly there you lose a day so even though its a 10 hour non-stop overnight flight, you travel thru the dateline so you lose a day.  The cost for 2 people with round trip airfare out of LAX for 2 people is approx $1,000.00 per person. Call me, we can talk about the flight schedule.

A trip to Fiji for 7 nights at an exotic, all inclusive, adults only resort, all meals, taxes, transfers and most resort activities in a cottage on the beach begins at approx $4,000.00 per couple and increases to $15,000.00.

The resorts in Fiji cater to only 1 to 20 couples on the entire island so they do sell out well in advance.  We are already working with couples planning their trips for next Nov. 2014.  In order to reserve your week at one of these resorts, the deposit is $1,000.00 with balance due 60 days prior to travel.  We also have a honeymoon registry, let me know if you are interested in more information on it.

Call me and we’ll will work on your romantic and exotic holiday today - 800 644-6659 or email me at

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Thank you for our Fiji Honeymoon at Lalati Resort & Spa!

December 12, 2013

Hi Teresa!

We had such an amazing time!! The Fijian’s were the some of the sweetest people we have ever met. So happy and hospitable!

The snorkel safari was our favorite activity! It was such an amazing experience! The coral was so beautiful! The colors and fish were so pretty! We kayaked, took the sunset cruise, visited the village, went hiking, and were pampered at the spa! We watched a coconut demonstration, took a cooking lesson, & learned basket weaving. The private beach picnic was very relaxing! Luckily we had good weather that day.

It rained a lot more than expected. We had only two days of sunshine, which was a bit of a bummer. However, we still had a great time! The rain was very relaxing. Perfect time for spa treatments! I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain like that!

We played scrabble, read books, and made new friends! We had such a great time!! Thank you for all your help planning our trip. You were such a pleasure to work with!!

Thank you for the amazing honeymoon,

Ashely R.

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What I Learned in Fiji….

December 11, 2013

I just returned from an amazing 3 week trip around the Fiji Islands and New Zealand.  We stayed in a few luxury hideaways as well as a few roadside motels.  I learned a few things and want to share with you.

When you visit Fiji, don’t let their laid back and friendly nature fool you.  Fijians are inquisitive and intelligent people.  Of course they speak their native language, but are taught English in school as well as mathematics, accounting, geography, science and history.

We visited Namale Resort & Spa for a few nights - I recall one night while enjoying an amazing dinner of prawns soaked in all sorts of South Pacific spices, our waiter nervously asked us about the difference between America and North America.  He was timid and apologetic but his inquisitive nature  and burning questions about the U.S. and the locations of our states trumped his shyness.

A very nice prior guest had sent the resort a McNally large Geography book (that we all have in our living rooms).  The resort had one of them and he was eager to open it and ask questions about like how far different countries were from each other.  He was hungry for information and to learn about the world in which we live.  Fijians are very poor and can barely afford the basic needs.  When you next visit Fiji, please pack some notebooks, fold up maps and pencils to share when visiting a village.

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