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May 31, 2008

scotch mistMaui’s choice for fun sailing!

We are offering a complimentary 2 for 1 sunset sail when you reserve a weeklong holiday on Maui. Give us a call for details. Come aboard the Scotch Mist II and have the sailing cruise of your life - great boat, steady winds, beautiful waters, and friendly dolphins! Scotch Mist II is a Santa Cruz 50 sailing Yacht. Built for speed and the 1984 Victoria-Maui International Yacht Race, she was 1st to finish. FAST IS FUN! For her size, she is the fastest production line sailboat in the world.

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Fijians voted the “Friendliest people in the World”

May 31, 2008

qamea beach resortBula Bula, Teresa!
Thank you so much for the massages, we absolutely loved them. That was the perfect honeymoon, thank you again, we absolutely loved every minute of it. We did just about everything you could do out there. We went on the waterfall hikes, the village tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, the honeymoon beach, and a lot of relaxing in the sun. It was fantastic……We did drink some Kava, not too bad. One of the best parts of the trip was the staff, they were just unbelievable, I know now why they were voted the “Friendliest people in the World”. Again, thank you so much and we will definitely keep you in mind when we go on our next island vacation. I am also trying to get a employee of mine to call you and have them look at Qamea for their honeymoon. Talk to you soon, Trey

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So you’re thinking of visiting New Zealand?

May 31, 2008

Good for you! New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful, laid back, clean and friendly country in the world - so where to begin….I am assuming you have questions?

nz kayakWhen is the best time to visit New Zealand?

You can visit New Zealand at any time of the year. Summer and winter temperatures vary by only about 50ºF over most of the country, making New Zealand an ideal holiday destination all year round.

What’s the climate like?

New Zealand’s seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the warmest months are December, January and February, while the coldest are in June, July and August. Don’t let cold months put you off - winters tend to be short and generally fairly mild.

What clothes should I take?

Dress is informal and relaxed on most occasions. Smart casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants and night-spots. Men are generally not expected to wear suits and ties, except in a few of the top formal bars and restaurants in major cities.

In summer a light jacket or sweater should be included in your luggage should the weather turn cooler or you visit the high country. You can expect some rain, so include a light waterproof jacket or coat. Pack warm winter clothing if visiting between May and September. Layer your clothing.

Do I need a passport or visa to enter New Zealand?

All visitors to New Zealand must carry a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date you intend to leave the country.

Most visitors who intend to stay for less than three months do not require a visa. If you want to stay longer than three months, or your country of origin does not have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand, then you will need to apply for a Visitor’s Visa.

Can I use my credit cards/ATM cards in New Zealand?

All major international credit cards can be used in New Zealand and Travelers Checks are accepted at hotels, banks and some stores. If your credit card is encoded with a PIN number you will be able to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines (ATMs) situated at banks and shopping centers throughout the country.

Is Tipping Required?

No, tipping is not expected for any service in New Zealand. Although, if you feel you had exceptional service, a tip will be well received.

Are there any poisonous animals in New Zealand?

New Zealand has no snakes or dangerous wild animals, making it safe for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities.

Is it safe to drink the water in New Zealand?

New Zealand cities and towns have excellent water supplies and in all cases tap water is fresh and safe to drink. Water from rivers and lakes should be boiled, chemically treated or filtered before drinking to avoid stomach upsets.

What is the voltage of electricity supply in New Zealand? Do I need to take a converter?

Electricity is supplied throughout New Zealand at 230/240 volts (50 hertz), although most hotels and motels provide 110 volt AC sockets (rated at 20 watts) for electric razors only. For all other equipment, an adapter/converter is necessary, unless the item has a multi-voltage option. Please note that power outlets only accept flat three or two-pin plugs, depending on whether an earth connection is fitted.

Where is the capital of New Zealand?

Wellington is the political, banking and financial centre for New Zealand. The Parliament building known as the ‘Beehive’ is one of the city’s top attractions. The National Archives, National Library and Old Government Buildings (the second largest wooden building in the world) are located nearby and are open to casual visitors free of charge.

nz sailingWhat is a ‘Kiwi’?

The kiwi, New Zealand’s national emblem, is a flightless bird with hair-like feathers and a long, slender bill which it uses to pull worms and insects out of the ground. Found only in New Zealand, it is active at night in the wilderness areas of the country. Be sure to visit one of the many kiwi houses where you can watch them under special ‘nocturnal’ lighting. New Zealanders often refer to themselves as Kiwis, and the term is also used as a short form for the famous kiwifruit. On the stock exchange, the New Zealand Dollar is also referred to as ‘the kiwi’.

For more travel info give us a call at 800 644-6659

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Lilianfels Resort in the Blue Mountains, Australia

May 30, 2008

lilianfelsTry to spend a little time prior to your Australian cruise in and around the Sydney area - you will find a little piece of heaven in the Blue Mountains!

Australias Blue Mountains, recently named a World Heritage site, is a heavenly destination in this unforgettable country. To best experience the area’s peaceful wonder and spectacular scenery head for Lilianfels, a grand country hotel that occupies a privileged position overlooking Jamison Valley.

Only a ninety-minute drive from Sydney, Lilianfels Hotel & Spa in Australia’s Blue Mountains is regarded as Australia’s finest boutique “getaway”. It combines the best of both worlds — the pleasure of stylish living and the healthy invigorating delights of country life.

[Read more]

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Welcome to the Islands of Tahiti!

May 30, 2008

star clipper shipEntry Requirements
U.S. and Canadian citizens need a passport valid for six months beyond their date of return. If yourr passport is other than U.S. or Canadian, check with the French Consulate. No immunization certificates are required.

Climate French Polynesia enjoys warm, tropical weather year-round. The climate is divided into two seasons: a “summer” that spans from November through March, when the daily temperature is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and most of the rain falls; and a drier “winter” that spans from April through October, when the daily temperature is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The year-round low is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The average water temperature is in the low 80s.
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Why should your next holiday should be a cruise?

May 30, 2008

A Hawaii cruise ship is a floating resort, with all the things a fine Hawaiian resort has to offer and more! As a matter of fact, cruise vacations have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience. What are you waiting for?

Overall, a Hawaiian cruise vacation can be up to 50 percent cheaper than a Hawaii resort vacation and provides the opportunity to visit the four main islands of Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. And one price includes accommodations, transportation, entertainment, dining, cultural activities, children’s programs and more.

Dollar for dollar, the price for Hawaiian cruise vacation packages including both room accommodations and airfare is relatively consistent between cruise ships and comparably rated resorts. But you’ll save big on the total cost of your Hawaii cruise vacation because all of your meals are included. Cruise ships provide tremendous variety and unlimited quantities of fresh food that you’ll pay at least $100 per person per day to duplicate on land.

In addition to the savings for food, entertainment and accommodations, there is no additional cost to go from one island to another. No inter-island airline tickets, no rental cars, not taxis, no daily tipping for bellhops and sky caps. Your ship gives you the entire Hawaiian experience, sailing from exotic port to another all while you sleep and for no additional cost.

Finally, a Hawaii cruise not only saves you money, it saves you valuable time as well. No packing and unpacking, checking in an out of hotels, dropping off rental cars, standing in line at airports, claiming your luggage, renting another car, or checking into another hotel.

Stay tuned, the Travel Gal will have more tips for your trip…

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Enjoy A Small Ship Cruise In Paradise Aboard the Tu Moana

May 30, 2008

French Polynesia – just saying the words conjures up visions of Gauguin, colours so bright you can taste them, scents of frangipangi wafting across the gentle breeze, and the soft lilt of French – spoken hushed, in an accent that feels like silk to the ears.

However you journey to Tahiti and her islands, you will land at the Faaa International Airport on the main island of Tahiti, near her capital city of Papeete. “International” is used loosely here. Bring your sense of humor and patience with you, and all will be well. Once through Customs, your greeter will adorn you with a fresh flower lei and assist you with your transfer; be it to the domestic air terminal or your hotel – you will be on your way to your adventure before you know it. The airport lies on its own motu (islet) and all the major resorts have permanent greeting areas there. You easily locate each other, then the lovely leis and songs break out to welcome, welcome, welcome you! [Read more]

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Captain Cook Sydney Harbour - Overnight Cruises

May 30, 2008

Take your partner for half price on a 2-Night Weekend Cruise in June, July or August 2008
Sydney literally shines in winter. As most professional photographers agree, winter is the best time to capture the beauty of Sydney Harbour. The skies are clear of the summer haze, crowds disappear, and the parklands rejuvenate after the endless months of summer heat. Enjoy this special time of year on a 2-Night Weekend Cruise and explore Sydney’s hidden bays and beaches, cruise the upper reaches of the river system and enjoy top class food and great entertainment, all at an unbelievable price!

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New Zealand by Land & Sea - a Family Voyage December 17, 2008 - January 03, 2009

May 30, 2008

nz bushwalkerMV Clipper Odyssey - limited availability!

Children under 18 travel at 50% discount when travelling with a full-paying adult.

This amazing country is one of striking contrasts: glacier-carved fjords and beech forests, thermal hot springs and coastal rainforests, British charm and ancient Maori culture.

Make the trip in luxury aboard the 118-passenger ‘Clipper Odyssey. [Read more]

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My Cruise Down Under - Australia Adventure

May 29, 2008

Sydney Regent MarinerI had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Sydney last November. I spent 5 nts in Sydney and have decided I must return for no less then a month. There are 30 bays in Sydney and it is my goal to explore each one of them someday!Upon arriving in Sydney, I suggest spending a minimum of 5 nights enjoying the city sights. Sydney is rated the best city in the world by readers of Conde Nast Traveler. Sydney, with its friendly residents, agreeable climate,, natural beauty and relaxed outdoor-oriented lifestyle is a “walker friendly” city.

Don’t miss when you travel to Sydney [Read more]

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